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30 Dress Up Games and Activities For Imaginative Kids – Say Goodbye To Boredom!

Need some ideas for dress up games and activities for your little girl or guy? Drop by here and check out this big list of fun options – and never hear “I’m Bored!” again!


Why Don’t My Kids Play Dress Up More Often? 11 Possible Reasons To Consider

You love the idea of dress up play an you know dramatic play is important for children, but the dress up collection in your house is rarely touched. And you wonder, “why don’t my kids play dress up more often?” Here are several reasons why… and how you can change things!


Why Dramatic Play Is Important For Children – A Look At The Benefits of Dramatic Play

Why is dramatic play important for children? Why encourage make believe? Why is having a nicely stocked dress up trunk with costumes and props more than just a fun and fantastic idea for any house with young children and every pre-school classroom? Let’s dig into these questions here and find out why!

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Dress Up Games for Girls – The Non-Screen Kind

Active, engaging, creative dress up games for girls… with costumes, props, and more! Need some ideas? No screen games here, just a big collection of dress up games girls will love! Let’s get our girls PLAYING!

Why Encourage Dress Up Play?

Kids Play Dress Up Clothes: Ideas from A-Z

Looking for some new kids play dress up clothes or costume ideas? Check out this huge compilation of “Dress Up Ideas From A-Z” and get inspired again! There are hundreds of fun dress up characters and themes – all you need to do is pick a few favorites!

Knight Costume

Boys Dress Up – Because Role Play Fun Isn’t Just For Girls!

Boys love dressing up just as much as girls do! It just looks a bit different. Less frills and glitter, somehow. Read about boys dress up and get some fantastic ideas for costumes and games here!

Dress Up Accessories

The Dress Up Accessories Your Children Need In Their Dress Up Collection

Kids need accessories in their dress up boxes; lots of different options to keep them playing for hours. Which dress up props and accessories are great ones to include? Find out here!

Dress Up Favorites

How To Pick Dress Up Clothes Little Girls Will Wear Over And Over

What is it about certain dress up clothes little girls wear over and over? How do you pick the “winners” for your child’s dress up collection! Find out here how you can get your money’s worth by adding costumes she’ll actually play with!

Dress Up Hats For Kids

Kids Dress Up Hats – Why The Dress Up Box Needs Them

Kids dress up hats are essential for dress up play… but why? What kinds should you add to your dress up box? And where can you find them? Find out here.

Princess Dress Up Clothes

The Favorite Little Girls Play Dress Up Clothes All Collections Should Have

Little girls love to imagine, and having some fabulous little girls play dress up clothes helps them do just that! Read up on ideas and see some options that will quickly become favorites!