What Are The Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls? 10 Ideas She’ll LOVE!

What are some of the best gifts for 3 year old girls? Check out 10 great ones here! Welcome! Glad you stopped by!  If you’re looking for some ideas for the best gifts for 3 year old girls, I think you’ll find something perfect here in this list for your little sweet-heart!

We here at Kids Love Dress Up very much encourage good old fashioned PLAYING. Dress up play (of course), creative and dramatic play, imagination and learning based fun; you’ll find our girls gift ideas are all along these lines.

Three year old girls are AWESOME. It’s such a great age! My own daughter is 3 (nearly 4) and I have loved seeing her developing her imagination this year. I’ve loved watching her learning to play happily on her own or with other kids (instead of clinging to me), and I’ve loved observing her discovering how to connect different games for some new and unique fun. It’s a great age!

Three year old girls LOVE getting something new that they can play with – birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for “just because I love you”… whatever the reason you’re looking to pick out some great gifts for 3 year old girls, my hope is that something here helps you speed that search up!

Each of these gift ideas for 3 year olds is something my own daughter either loves already/currently, or points out to me regularly in the stores that “she would LOVE this”! So, consider these as mom-2-mom recommendations! 🙂

All but the last item are relatively inexpensive – I don’t list exact prices as they tend to fluctuate based on options you choose (and it’s hard to keep them all current.)  The final item, the big play kitchen… I included it because it’s SERIOUSLY AMAZING!  If you’re “into” giving bigger ticket items ($100-$150), check this one out!

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10 Great Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls


Little Adventures Classic Rapunzel Princess Dress

Rapunzel Princess Gown - Great Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls!

I’ve got to start with a super cute princess dress up gown like this one here, made by Little Adventures (a company started by Moms who weren’t happy with the quality of dress up clothes they found in the stores, so they decided to make BETTER ones).

This Rapunzel dress is awesome quality (= lots of play time), AND it’s beautiful – any 3 year old girl who loves princess dress up would go crazy over this pretty purple and pink one! (Also see my other post about best selling princess dresses for little girls for other adorable options.)

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.8/5 stars by over 150 reviews so far!)


PAW Patrol – Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter

PAW Patrol Skye Toy! A great gift for 3 year old girls!

If you yourself have a 3 year old girl, you’ll very, very likely be familiar with PAW Patrol, the kids TV show about some adorable rescue pups. Skye is one of the 2 female ups – her special strength is flying… and her vehicle is a pink and silver helicopter. This set of a little sky figurine and her “high flyin’ copter” would be a very well received gift for any Skye-loving 3 year old!

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.4/5 stars by over 2,800 reviews so far!)


Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Set!

Sidewalk Chalk! Great gifts for 3 year old girls!

 is really great – the chalk stays put when you put it down, even if your driveway is seriously sloped!! These Crayola ones are also really vibrant, color-wise… which makes beautiful pictures!

If you think 72 sounds like too many, go for a smaller box – but definitely stick with the Crayola brand – from experience, they are the best, in my opinion!

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.8/5 stars by over 5,700 reviews so far!)


Disney Princess Look and Find

Great gifts for 3 year old girls! Disney Princess Look & Find

Although many 3 year old girls are right into Disney Princesses already, not all of them are. This “step 2” (my term) Look & Find book is fun for them even if she doesn’t know (yet) who Ariel, Snow White and the others are.

The “First Look & Find” board books are a bit too easy for many 3 year olds (although they still enjoy them), but these here (just “Look & Find”) are a bit harder – the pictures a bit busier, which means more “can you also find the….” fun.

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.8/5 stars by over 2,200 reviews so far!)


Melissa & Doug – Step In Style! Dress-Up Shoes Set

Melissa & Doug Girls Dress Up Shoes

The Melissa & Doug brand of kids toys is known for great quality, and for great play-ability. These girls dress up shoes are no exception! They come as a set: Elegant Princess, Prima Ballerina, Magical Fairy, and Rocker Girl! They’ll be a fun addition to your girl’s dress up play collection!

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.6/5 stars by over 6,000 reviews so far!)


Giddy-Up Fantasy Stick Horse

Gifts for 3 year old girls! This unicorn riding stick will be a ton of fun for an active and imaginative girl!

These are classic toys, aren’t they? But just because they remind you of a toy from your own childhood, that doesn’t mean your girl won’t still just LOVE this unicorn “stick horse”!

(My 3 year old finds one of these stick horses in the toy store every time we go there and gallops around with it while we shop… when her little brother won’t whack everything with the stick part every chance he gets LOL, we’ll likely get it for her for a gift one day – and I KNOW she’ll be THRILLED.)

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.6/5 stars by over 500 reviews so far!)


Purple Fairy Princess Costume Tutu Set

Great gifts for 3 year old girls! This Purple Fairy Princess Set is Perfect!

This set of wings, wand, and tutu will inspire 3 year old girls to dance and spin and enter the world of fairy princesses. It’s adorable to watch! This set has great reviews… and yes, you can easily find different colors too if purple isn’t her favorite.

CLICK HERE to see pricing, sizes, and customer reviews (average 4.3/5 stars by over 2,800 reviews so far!)

Beanie Boo!

Great gifts for 3 year old girls - Beanie Boos are really, really popular with little girls!

There are SO many different Beanie Boos available that you can find nearly any animal your particular 3 year old likes, and there will be a cute, big-eyed, soft stuffie available that she’ll love to add to her growing collection (likely she has at least one already, I’d guess… they are everywhere!). There’s just something about “Beanie Boos” that little girls love… I’m thinking it’s the signature eyes… they ARE rather sweet, aren’t they?

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 5 stars by all reviewers so far!)



Umbrellas make FANTASTIC gifts for 3 year old girls!

There’s something almost magical about umbrellas for little girls. Especially adorable ones like these by Stephen Joseph (several different designs available).

An umbrella may somewhat seems like a simple, boring gift… but honestly, she will LOVE one – especially a girly one! She’ll be hoping for a good rainy day to try it out!

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.6/5 stars by 6,700 reviews so far!)


KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Little girls should have an awesome kitchen play set like this one by Kidkraft! It's a great gift for a 3 year old girl!!

This is an absolutely amazing kids kitchen play set, isn’t it? I love how it looks so “real” and modern… the appliances actually look similar to the ones in an adult kitchen! Little girls love to play restaurant, house, and games like that – especially when they can play with “grown up” type sets like this one. Read through the reviews and you’ll see just how well loved this Kidkraft set is! Worth every penny!!

CLICK HERE to see pricing and customer reviews (average 4.6/5 stars by over 7,700 reviews so far!)


So, what do you think of this collection of the best gifts for 3 year old girls? Is there something that’s “just right” for the little girl you’re shopping for today? What did you pick? I’d really appreciate feedback of any kind!

Want to see more? This site is full of great dress up costumes and dress up games ideas! Have fun browsing around!  Other gift ideas posts you might find interesting: Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls and Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, and happy gift shopping!


8 thoughts on “What Are The Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls? 10 Ideas She’ll LOVE!

  1. Kevin Bulmer March 16, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    Great ideas! I LOVE the sidewalk chalk suggestion. My niece is now a little past this age but still would enjoy a lot of what you’ve shared here. She and I had a lot of fun with sidewalk chalk a couple of summers ago when she was about 4 years old. I remember thinking, “Isn’t this great, to be so creative and have so much fun together with something so simple?” It really left an impression on me going forward.

    I also like the Giddy Up horse! I had one of those (it wasn’t purple, though) when I was a youngster and had tons of fun! I’m glad to see those things are still around.

    Keep up your great work!


    • Marlaine March 16, 2017 at 7:02 pm

      Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement, Kyle!
      You are so right that you don’t need something complex to have a lot of fun with a child! Chalk is great that way – there’s no end to the fun! I love it still myself, and my kids and I have good times with ours! And yes, some toys like the Giddy Up Horse are simply timeless in the fun you can have with them. Imagination set loose!
      Have a great day!

  2. Kurtis March 16, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    I didn’t need to see anything else. Paw Patrol is the winner right off the bat. Thank you for this post. You have made my little girl happy!

    • Marlaine March 16, 2017 at 6:59 pm

      Haha… yeah, funny how that is the case with so many little girls! Skye and Everest are so, so loved! (And the male pups to, to be fair.) Glad you found something you and your little girl like!

  3. Brandon March 16, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    That is just too bad 🙁 My daughter is almost 5, so I’ve clearly missed the age. These look like great ideas to use for a birthday party as well. She likes to be a princess (as with most girls), so she would LOVE the Rapunzel Princess Dress. Your other suggestions are also amazing. You’re going to help a lot of people with this article, so great job!

    • Marlaine March 17, 2017 at 12:14 pm

      Hi Brandon, Thanks for dropping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the selection! I think a lot of these gift ideas would also be loved by 4 and 5 year old girls – and boys for a few of the ideas – ok, maybe not the Rapunzel dress LOL. Keep it in mind for your daughter though – it comes in larger sizes too! 🙂
      Have a great day!

  4. Emonne April 19, 2017 at 2:50 am

    Great site, I have two little sister who love to play dress up (they even sleep in their clothes), very cute site. The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is pretty spiffy, almost like the real thing. I enjoyed easy bake ovens myself. It seems like kids nowadays want to be the adults so this is perfect. I appreciate this blog, I could probably find something for my sister.

    • Marlaine April 19, 2017 at 6:15 pm

      Thanks Emonne, glad you enjoyed looking around!

      Little girls just love playing kitchen – and yeah, that Kidkraft play kitchen is AMAZING isn’t it? Looks a lot more real than the Little Tikes purple and white one we have for our daughter (she likes it well enough though, and it was WAYYY cheaper LOL). Playing grown-up is a pretty popular game for 3 year olds!

      Have a great day!

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