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Hi there, I’m Marlaine, and I’m the person behind kidslovedressup.com!

I’m the wife of a wonderful man and the mother of two busy toddlers, I’m a stay-at-home-mom, and I some of the things I love doing are baking, working on digital photo albums, and reading (although with a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old that’s not always easy during the day).

As a former elementary school teacher, I know how important imaginative play is for kids… so I encourage my kids to enter the world of dress up often.

I’ve learned, though, that sometimes they need a bit of help getting started. That often they need someone (me or another child) playing with them to help them really get “in character”.  AND that having several interesting and enticing things in their dress up box makes it all the more fun.  My hope is that this website will help you with all this!

My own mom (a grandmother now 9 times over) still has an amazing dress up box. We were going through it the other day with my own little girl and I was amazed at how many memories poured out as we sorted through it. It was so much fun! Her wedding dress (I TOTALLY remember playing in that!!) A hand-made clown costume (I remember wearing it for Halloween one year). A big ol’ floppy hat and gloves. Bridesmaid dresses. Animal costumes. Funky shirts from school spirit or theme days. Firefighter and police hats. Capes. Shoes, both fancy and funny. So fun!

It reminded me of just how great it is for kids to have their own supply of great dress up gear.

Why did I decide to make a whole website dedicated to kids dress up though?

First off, I think watching and encouraging kids in the imaginative game of dressing up is simply awesome. It always makes me smile. Is there anything sweeter than a little girl decked out in princess gear with that “I am so beautiful” look in her eyes? Is there anything more fun than being chased by a little boy in a tiger costume who thinks that for just a MOMENT, he IS a tiger? I love it.

Secondly, I love computers. Playing around with website building and pictures and what-not is something I myself really enjoy as an adult. Maybe that makes me odd. But making and working on a website where I get inspiration from my kids for content, posts, and pages seems like a good fit to me!

Thanks for dropping by, and I’d love to hear from you! What do you LOVE about kids dress up? What things do your kids love doing while in costume? What do you find frustrating about it, if anything? Do you want help with costume ideas or creations?What are your own memories of dress up?  Drop me a comment (or an email) below!

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you’ll visit often. 🙂




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